About The Author...she's my Momma

This is a photo of my momma.  Her name is Casey Gathright Hyman. She wrote The Marvelous Macki Brown about me!  Isn't that cool?  She grew up in Texas, but she lives in Little Rock, Arkansas now. Momma went to Texas A&M University and that's where she met Daddy. They are Aggies. I don't even know what that is, but they seem to really like football and their college. Me? I was born in Arkansas, so I'm a Razorback! I have an older brother and an older sister. They are the best...most of the time. I also have two dogs and a kitten. Momma drives us around a LOT! We go to the store, school, dance, to friends' houses, and church. Sometimes we do some of these more than once a day. I think Momma must LOVE to drive. Momma also really likes working out at the gym, running and Mexican food. Maybe she just really likes Mexican food and that's WHY she has to run and go to the gym? She enjoys reading, traveling and watching murder mysteries (most of those I'm not allowed to watch). Momma and I don't look anything alike, but that's ok, I love her very much.  She has blond hair that she never wears in POWER PUFFS. Her hair is usually in a messy bun or a ponytail. I like it when she wears it down and curly. I have black hair and I love wearing my POWER PUFFS, but Momma and Daddy also like my hair when it is "free and wild". My skin is as brown as Daddy's coffee.  Momma's skin is as white as the cream he pours in his coffee. We may not LOOK alike, but Daddy says I get my sassiness and humor from my Momma!