The Marvelous
Macki Brown


The Marvelous Macki Brown

That's my name and basically.....I'm a Superhero!

I am seven and a quarter (that's 3 months) old and my momma wrote a book all about me! I also have my own website and Instagram! Can you believe it? I have several super powers. I can't tell you what they are yet because I don't want to spoil my book. Here are three cool facts EVERYONE should know about me:  

1.  I am adopted 

2.  I'm a GREAT...or at least an above average RAPPER. I'm still learning.

3.  I LOVE learning BIG, new WORDS. 

My favorite thing in the WHOLE world is to locate (that means find) other superheroes.  These are people in my community that do SUPER HUMAN things. Sometimes they don't even KNOW that they have these powers! I bet you know someone too.  


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I update my Instagram a LOT! Sometimes I post things like; my new favorite words, little interviews with people I believe are superheroes, my favorite places to go, or just new information about my book.

Hey Everybody! All the awesome photos on my site were taken by Momma's friend, Julie. Super creative and so much fun to work with. She makes us look GOOOOOOD! 

Photo Credit: Julie Gayler at Seven Rising Studio